Best RV Shower Head : The Buying Guide

The kind of RV shower head you equip your RV with can make or break your RV bathing experience. As was likely the case with your shower at home, the RV shower head that came with your vehicle probably isn’t going to get you the best value for your amount of water pressure.

The majority of shower heads that come standard in RVs are made of cheap plastic and customized design to save water. While keeping water usage to a minimum is a good idea when camping, it’s understandable to want more than a slight trickle while you wash up. Even if water conservation is your most important factor in an RV shower head, using one with good pressure in short bursts can use much less water than an RV shower head with poor pressure continuously. With all that in mind, let’s look at the specifics of what makes for a good shower head. (Not good shower head, a good shower head. You’re dirty. Go shower.)

Selecting the Right RV Shower Head

Your RV shower head is likely the single most important accessory you’ll buy separately for your bathroom. When buying one, it’s important to keep in mind factors like its durability and efficiency. Key features of a good shower head include a shut-off valve, adjustable spray settings, and a handheld option. Let’s start with the top factors to consider when purchasing an RV shower head. Then we’ll do the features.

Top 4 Factors in Purchasing an RV Shower Head

Water Pressure

If shower heads are the most important bathroom accessory, water pressure is the most important factor of the most important bathroom accessory. You don’t need all the bells and whistles of modern showers like multiple heads and adjustable spray settings. All you really need is a single shower head with some good old-fashioned pressure.

Ideal water pressure varies from person to person. What’s too high for one person may be too low for someone else. Later on in the article, we’ll go over features that can help solve this issue.

Usually, the problem is too little water pressure. When not connected to an outside water source, your RV isn’t exactly going to deliver out-of-this-world pressure. If this is a problem of particular concern for you, look out for shower heads like those made by Oxygenics. They substantially strengthen pressure by adding air to the stream.

It also not always an issue of too little pressure. Certain shower heads spit out water so fast it feels like hail.

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You don’t want to be right back where you started a year from now, replacing a low-quality shower head. That’s why we put this factor near the top. Any specialty features or cool designs an RV shower head may have come only after ensuring it’s well-renowned for its durability. Look through user reviews for any negative comments about the lifespan of each showerhead you’re considering.


Water consumption is of particular importance when you’re dry camping or not hooked up. It’s always a good idea to be efficient with your use of water though. Look for models that use less than the EPA suggested maximum of two gallons per minute. Conserving water will also save you money in the long run and help reduce your environmental impact. That makes Earth happy (as does using solar panels on your RV).


This factor is about picturing how functional the RV shower head will be for you on a daily basis. In deciding how useful any given showerhead might be, it can help to ask yourself a few questions. Consider basic questions like:

  • What makes it stand out from other models?
  • Are there any better options that are cheaper?
  • What do people say in user reviews?
  • How well does it generally resonate with you?

Now let’s look at the physical features every RV shower head should have.

Top 3 Features in Purchasing an RV Shower Head

Shut-Off Valve

With water efficiency being so important, a shut-off valve is a necessity in any RV shower head. These valves allow you to block almost all water flow. The valves can’t stop the flow completely, unfortunately, so a slight dribble may still come out when you don’t want it to. Many of the male readers will understand this problem.

Hand-Held RV Shower Head

Most RVs and caravans come with handheld shower heads already installed. If you’re still reading this article, however, odds are you’re considering replacing that model. Make sure your new RV shower head can be handheld as well. This feature really is a must for compact RV showers. They make it markedly easier to wash off. In addition, they can be great for giving your pets a quick rinse.

Adjustable Settings

As we mentioned before, the shower head your RV comes with will be lacking in performance. Not only will it have lower pressure than most models you can buy separately, it’s unlikely to have adjustable spray settings. A quick search for the top rated RV shower heads on Amazon will give you a ton of options for shower heads with three or more spray settings.

Showering in an RV was never supposed to be luxurious. However, you at least want one that gets the job done well. Like most appliances and accessories to them, RV shower heads have come a long way in the past few decades. With the help of technology, it’s now possible to enjoy a shower experience in your mobile home much the same way you would in your stationary one.

Many also come with comfort control knobs or levers. These allow you to change the amount of water pressure if it’s too high or low for your pleasure. They also grant you another way to conserve water usage by simply lowering the pressure.

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