Different Type of Protein Waters Available

The below mentioned types have their own different specialties and functions. They have their own bio chemical configuration of amino acids and hence all of them provide different sort of protein to the body and where the body needs them.


Whey is a protein in milk which can be obtained by curdling or straining the milk. This protein contains the highest branched-chain amino acids which can be found in any form. It sky rockets the rate of digestion therefore absorbs in your body briskly and thus provides you some instant energy for your intense workouts. You can take it in between meals and also just before going to the workout.


Casein is also a form of protein found in milk and about Eighty percent of cow milk consists of it. It is absorbed gradually by human body and it stays for a long period in our body. It can be supplemented with meals and could be taken before bed or at times when you are not about to start a workout because it will not help in instant repair of your muscles but will build your muscles in the long term. Thus protein water drinks australia which provide whey and casein at the same time can be the best for your ultimate growth of muscles and also the repairing of your muscles.


Unlike other proteins soy is herb based source of protein which is also slowly absorbed by the human body and it is one of the major reasons why people don’t use soy protein as much as they use whey or casein. Many people usually take soy because either they don’t like milk or they are allergic to whey or casein. It could be taken by those also whose customs or religion doesn’t allow them to drink milk. You can take it as a supplement of meal and also when you have ample amount of time before workout.


Egg is the most widely accepted protein. Although it is quite expensive therefore it may not be seen as the prime component of protein waters. It is taken from the albumen of an egg therefore it does not contain any fats, carbohydrates or cholesterol. Unlike whey and casein it is also not easily digestible by the human body therefore it could not be used for instant energy therefore we can use it in meal replacement.

protein water drinks australia
protein water drinks australia

Some Other Important Ingredients of Protein Waters Available in Markets

When it comes to your personal protein water it totally depends on you how you prepare your shake and what are the needs of your body therefore when going for a protein water, read the labels and instructions to see the composition that is up to your requirement. Many people add fruits like strawberry, pineapple and banana. There are many others who add juice, water and yogurt to their shakes as they are making it according to their own needs but the only thing common and which should be kept in mind is that amino acids are the building blocks of proteins therefore whatever ingredient you might add to your protein water it should help to grow protein faster in your body.

Following Are the Commonly Used Ingredients in Manufacturers Protein Water:

Creatine: It provides lots of support in growth of muscle mass and strength but still it is not recommended to use excessively because excessive use can never help you to achieve what you want to.

Glutamine: It is the amino acid which can easily be depleted in one’s body therefore it is always required for building muscles and is also good for immune system.

Leucine: It is the branch chained amino acid which supports muscular growth and strength.

Hemp seed: It contains a quickly digestible protein which can be helpful for energy gain.

Pea protein: It is a hypoallergenic protein with quite a different texture than of most of the other protein powders. It is quite similar to the soy therefore it can help you in strengthening your muscles.

Rice Protein: This protein is wholly made of grain and thus it is a complete source of protein and it is also quickly digestible. It has very low quantity of lysine (amino acid) therefore it is often combined with the pea protein powder to accomplish a higher amino acid profile.

Many of us are nowadays using protein waters and if main objective of exercise is to lose the body fats than go for those one that’s mainly concentrated with protein and has low amount of carbohydrates and fats.

The most common use of protein waters is to up lift the lost energy in your body but that does not mean that huge intake of protein will make you a super strengthen guy. Even it can adversely affect your body therefore a balanced in take is required. The widely recommended daily intake for adults is 45-46 grams a day. If you exercise daily than definitely you need more energy and you need some extra energy than those who don’t do. Consuming a protein water diet does not mean that it will add muscle mass but yes it will help you to build muscle mass efficiently.

The International Society of Sports Nutrition recommendations are as following

  • 1 to 1.6 grams protein per kilogram of body weight daily for all the endurance athletes.
  • 1.6-2 grams protein per kilogram of body weight daily for all the people involved in strength athletes.

Best Protein Waters available in Market

Many people think that one protein water is enough for a day but that’s not the case as most of them are used as meal replacements therefore they should be taken at different times in a day. Below is the list of different protein waters available for different time slots in a day.

Pre workout protein waters

If you have to do your workouts daily at 20:00 than drink pre workout shakes in between your meals. In between your breakfast and lunch is a good time slot for that. In between meals shake will help you to strengthen your muscles and increase your stamina.

Post workout protein waters

You can use the post workout shakes just after you did a heavy workout or an exercise. It will help your body to quickly repair the muscles and will strengthen them for the next time.

Meal replacement protein waters

Usually people only take protein waters before exercises and don’t even know there are many meal replacement protein waters available in market. Within our busy routine life many times we don’t find enough time to eat a properly at times therefore meal replacement shakes could be very helpful in such situations. It is also safe and recommended by many nutritionists to drink them to replace meals as it will help your body to overcome the deficiency of protein.

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