How To Getting Puerto Vallarta Bottle Service Packages

VIP hosts and promoters from Puerto Vallarta always prompt you to go for their bottle service. If you book reservations through them, they get a cut and many of them would also ask for gratuity or service fee. A good quality host will make a few alternative options for accommodating your group. These include VIP entry, tickets, and guest list.

A more affordable option falling in-between tickets and bottle service comes in the form of VIP bottle service packages, offering all the advantages of bottle service while being more reasonable.

Special Concerns and Cares for Choosing the Best Bottle Service

Offering bottle service is definitely an undertaking that shouldn’t be taken lightly. You should know some things about bottle services.

“No Line, No Cover”

A very frequent feature of making a bottle services reservation is the fact that you won’t be made to wait in lines or shell out extra money for cover charges. Apparently, it looks good, but don’t forget that you have already paid for that. When making a reservation for bottle service, the clubs demand you to pay out a specified minimum amount after you get seated. In the process, the club ensures making sufficient money to permit you to skip the lines and paying cover fees.


For patronizing any nightclub in Puerto Vallarta, bottle service isn’t the lone option. There are ways to enter these clubs without any hassles. The best and most convenient option is to go online and buy presale tickets. It is no different than buying tickets for live shows, events, sports games, and concerts. Tickets ensure your entry provided you follow the rules concerning the dress code, age, and arriving before time.

It is expensive

In Puerto Vallarta, a bottle of Grey Goose sells for about $500 and you may be looking forward to buying at least two bottles for a group of five persons at any good nightclub. Apart from the price, you have to pay gratuity, sales tax, plus the expense of booking the bottle service, starting from $1500 for the tables at the far end of the party. The average price of the entry tickets for males comes to about $50 and for females, the same is about $20.

To be recognized as a VIP, you should be prepared to spend quite a few thousand. You should realize that there are a number of other people buying bottle service. Don’t believe people promising you VIP treatment when buying this bottle service – they simply want to get more money from you.

You should also remember that the price of the bottle plus the minimum buying conditions also go up substantially when there are any special events, celebrities, guest DJs, and holidays. The same holds true for ticket prices and cover charges. It will be worthwhile to book your ticket in advance and avoid paying higher prices.

Now that you know how to deal with the bottle services, let’s see what are the top clubs in Puerto Vallarta that you need to visit:


If your wallet can keep up with your expectations, these are the top nightclubs you should check out (and the most expensive ones as well):

Bar Morelos– Bar Morelos has all the premium presentation of a trendy lounge but with the untamed spirit of a pulsing dance club. Take your night to the next level with PV Nightlife.

La Vaquita– La Vaquita is anything but predictable. Whether it’s wet T-shirts on stage, crazy cow-mask clad staff blasting champagne bottles across the dance floor, or the occasional La Vaquita cattle brand that makes its way around the club, there’s always something going on to keep the energy at max levels.   

La Santa – La Santa Puerto Vallarta is chic, sexy, and elegant. Walking in brings up images of Alice in Wonderland—kaleidoscopic tapestries line the walls, oozing neons splash across real chandeliers, and trippy creatures (in Hollywood-grade makeup) glide around the dancefloor pouring drinks into dancers’ mouths straight from the bottle.

Only the locals at PV Nightlife can guarantee the true VIP experience in Puerto Vallarta. Only our local party gurus have the connections to give you so much for one low fixed price. Explore our bottle service packages and book today.

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