How to Make a Blog Directory That Is in Love Bloggers

Creating a blog is famous and is visited by many visitors is sought by every bloggers. The roads to neighboring blog just to say hello and also Learn. until now I am still learning best seo firm the right way. I also really liked the top seo firms even though most do not like when looking for backlinks. I prefer to update the article every day than have to search for backlinks. But because of the importance of backlinks, backlinks still find me doing on the sidelines of my business.

Blog directory I think can be a successful online business if we manage it properly. Besides the blog directory will quickly crowded visitors, a blog directory is fitting if we place adsense. Create a blog directory and can be done with seo service in los angeles WordPress plugin directory Article. Which I think is important to note in a blog directory is:

seo service in los angeles
seo service in los angeles

Dofollow blog directory

Dofollow blog directory will be the main attraction for the bloggers. Typically bloggers hunt many dofollow blogs for backlinks. Make a directory dofollow blog to answer the blogger desires. After your busy blog directory you can turn off rel dofollow.

Open blog directory

Open blog directory is that everyone can put their blog without register first. Most bloggers are lazy to register first. Open the blog directory will usually get a list of blogs faster than the need to register first.

Auto approve blog directory

Auto approve blog directory to be an interesting thing for bloggers, because they can immediately see the results on their blogs submit to blog directories. Although auto approve but should still be wary of spam. Do not forget to put a captcha on the form submit blogs.

Have any category

Having a complete category also points to consider in order to bloggers who want to submit their blog has a category corresponding to their blogs. If you have a gym site then its include fitness category. So yo’ll have to do marketing strategies for gyms and then you can start the blog creation perfectly.

Fast loading the blog directory

Loading the blog directory also be important, because if the loading is too long so people do not visit or submit their blogs to our blog directory.

Simple navigation

Make your blog directory navigation is simple, easy in application and not confusing. Navigation is a thing that can increase the number of bloggers who submit their blogs to our blog directory. Due to the complicated navigation will be lazy people to submit blog.

SEO friendly blog directory

This is a very important thing. One of the goals of people submit blogs is getting high pagerank backlinks, traffic and SERP results also increased. Well if our blog directory seo experts in los angeles friendly and able to be in the top 10 of Google with a lot of these keywords will be good.

If the blog directory that you create has met six of the above, I think the traffic will flow into your blog directory. Of course in addition to high traffic you also want to earn from a blog directory that you build. Well from anywhere you will get the money?, maybe a few things about you can try to do to get money:

  1. Affiliate amazon
  2. Clickbank
  3. Google Adsense
  4. Review product
  5. Premium member
  6. Sell text links
  7. Banner advertising
  8. Reseller hosting
  9. WordPress Theme
  10. Plugin blog directory

for an explanation of each source of income above I will discuss in the next article. Thank you, Good Luck!

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