Quizzic Alley – Australia’s Most Magical Shop!

It’s difficult to believe that it’s been a year since. We opened the gate to let the first group of fans in for the first time.

Since our opening, we’ve welcome around 100,000 visitors into Quizzic Alley, from all across Canberra and around the region. As well as interstate and even from out of the country.

History of Australia’s Best Magical Shop

Every week we get to meet customers who have traveled to Canberra for a visit to our magical shop. We’ve even had people come across Sydney or Wagga to attend a potions class.

Our fantastic professors from potions have hosted over 350 classes to celebrate children’s birthday celebrations. And even a handful of grown-up celebrations too!

Many fans have climbed inside the back of our Ford Anglia and had their photograph taken. They also donned the sorting hat in order to find out what home they’re in.

The unwritten and whispered rule that it could take 3 turns to find the house you’d like isn’t true at all. Sorry for nine year-old Zach who left in a state of shock following being separated in Slytherin Five times five days!

Concerning Slytherin, it’s definitely not a good house. Indeed, many Quizzic Alley members are very proud and adorable members. We’ve also had some absolutely gorgeous Slytherins arrive at the door. They’re the ones who dress in their home colours with the most fervor and are the most likely to be sporting sexy tattoos!

Of course, the majority of the children who come to visit are Gryffindors however, we also get an occasional glimpse of other houses as well. Most of them are convinced that their dads are Slytherins . Most dads believe the same thing about the children!

Chocolate frogs remain the most requested item sold at Quizzic Alley, followed closely by Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans Doormats with ‘Muggles Welcome, Hermione Granger’s time-turner necklace and Gryffindor tie.

Australia’s Best Magical Shop’s Celebration

Australia's Best Magical Shop

The most recent Book Week parades and celebrations have seen a rise in the sales of house robes, wands scarves, neck-ties and most importantly, of course, the iconic Harry Potter glasses in a magical shop.

We were extremely proud to be the host of the Great Wizard’s Ball recently. Our first event of its kind in Canberra and over 300 wizards, witches, fantastical creatures, and even some Muggles were dressed to 9 3/4, ready to experience their magical desires. It was an incredible evening to support children’s literacy, and the entertainment was simply extraordinary.

We would like to thank everyone. Our store over the past twelve months and shared our posts on social media and shared the news with colleagues and friends, and helped out at our events. There are a lot of family members and friends who continue to reach out to help when needed. You’re a household name Thanks.

Then there’s The harry potter merchandise Australia, which has become closer to family members than a staff. Everyone is a Harry Potter nerd and we are proud of them.

Bewitched Bernadette, Jolivander, Miraculous Mia, Lucky Lily, Quidditch Oscar, Bonkers Beth, Mad-eye, Rosie Reducto, Moaning Marie, Rophney Redhead, Violet Crumble and Sparkles.

How are we celebrating our 1st birthday? There will be sales planned beginning on Friday 13th. And we’ll give the chance to win Quizzic Alley tattoos to anyone who can answer three questions in succession.

Once the cleanup from the Great Wizard’s Ball. That is completed The Quizzic Alley online store crew will meet for a quiet few QBrew Blasters!

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