Swimming Pool Landscaping Ideas And Custom Designs

Creating a beautiful outdoor setting for your pool can be done by not only designing the style and features in your pool but also taking into consideration the swimming pool landscaping around the pool. There are many elements you can include in and around the water to make an elegant impression.

Pool Designs & Remodeling

If you want your pool to be attractive and impressive, look into some Malibu Pool Remodeling available to you to determine what you like. You need to decide on most water features during the design stage of your pool to ensure everything is built properly, otherwise renovating an existing pool is complicated and pricey.

A custom swimming pool can make use of features like lighting, sculptural fountains, rock ponds, brass statuaries, waterfalls, and water walls. Swimming pool waterfalls are a popular attraction since you can choose so many different designs. There are basically two types of waterfalls: aerated and smooth sheet waterfalls, and they are created by the water going over a platform called a weir. The weir can be designed into a variety of shapes, and your waterfall can appear over a rock formation, through a metal plated sconce or lion’s head or over a geometric pattern. You can create the mood you want to match any modern or traditional design.

Pool Remodeling

Landscaping Around the Pool

To frame your beautiful pool design, there are many landscaping tips that are DIY that will enhance your pool and your backyard.

1. Plant small flower beds.Choose a color scheme and create a small garden around your pool. Choose colorful pots to add to the decor if you choose. Don’t overdo it though and don’t place them too close to the pool to avoid annoying bugs and bees. Try to choose plants that are native to your region since they will best accent your home and will be less maintenance.

2. Install a privacy barrier from your neighbors by means of shrubs or trees, or a safety barrier for your kids by means of a fence. Choose a design that is functional yet still attractive.

3. Decide on adding a gazebo or changing cabin beside your pool. They add convenience, storage place or a place to sit or lounge and enjoy the landscape.

4. Create a sitting or lounging area beside the pool. You can design a space for reclining chairs, umbrellas and tables under the comfort of a tree for shade to make the area more practical.

If you have gone through the trouble and expense to add beautiful water features to your pool, it only makes sense to browse the many easy ideas you can incorporate around it. They can make a large difference to your Malibu Pool Remodeling.

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