Things To Keep In Mind While Car Detailing Services

On the other hand, there are others who shy away from car detailing Calgary NE an engine, as they are afraid that they might end up damaging something or fiddle with something that might affect the performance of the car. While the safety of the engine is paramount, by taking a few precautions you can ensure that you don’t run into any such problems.

The most important thing to remember is that you should never ever detail a hot engine. While it might seem like a common sense thing to do, it’s amazing how so many people, in the excitement of things, forget to heed to this simple advice. The best time to detail an engine is in the morning when your car has been at rest for the whole night. Being a smart ass and trying to forcibly cool an engine by putting water on it is the worst idea ever as it can cause damage. There are no two ways around it- the best way is to let it cool naturally.

There are a few parts of an engine that you should keep the cleaning liquid or water from entering. Most importantly, the alternator, filters, electrical components and any air intake slots. Take a look around your engine and make a note of all such things that need waterproof protection. Before you get started with any sort of car steam cleaner work make sure that these parts are well covered and protect against any liquid damage. Use saran wrap, masking tape or even simple plastic bags to cover up parts. Aluminum wrap can also be use if you are out of materials. A few minutes spent doing this will be well worth the effort.

The next step in the process is to do an initial cleanup by spraying water on the engine. It’s crucial to use a low-pressure stream of water to do this. Never ever use a high-pressure water stream on the engine. Remember that we are not solely relying on water to do the cleaning here. The idea of this initial water shower is merely to get rid of any loose grease and any excessive dirt that might have accumulated over the years. At best we are looking at a thorough rinse here, not a final cleanup.

engine steam celaning

Time to use the degreaser. This helps your dissolve off any water insoluble substances from the engine and any containers or hoses. A good degreaser will make even the toughest of cleaning jobs much easier. The idea is to get the greaser in and around as many parts as you can. Even when the degreaser isn’t able to get rid of the grime, it can easily be remove by wiping it off with a cloth. Another round of low-pressure rinse off and wiping will usually get rid of all the dirt that was present earlier.

Lot of people forget the parameter of the engine and any edges surrounding the parts when it comes to detailing. For the best finishing its imperative that you pay attention to those parts as well. While the water and the degreaser will drastically improve the look of your engine, there are nooks and crannies that can only be cleaned by wiping and using various assortments of brushes. For additional car detailing power, a spray bottle containing soapy water comes very handy here as well.

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Before you start waxing the engine to provide the finish, it’s very important to let it dry. You can do it naturally however there are inner parts of an engine that can take forever to dry. For those, you can use a blower to speed up the process. The same can be accomplishe by using compressed air. As far as the finishing is concerned, for long lasting results its best to use insular wax as it does not get so affected by the heat of the engine.

To sum it up, there is no secret to getting a great looking engine. Similarly, there are no quick shortcuts to engine car detailing either. A major part of it has to do with paying attention to details and using elbow grease. The end results however are worth all the effort that is put in.

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