What is Search Engine Optimization?

local search engine optimisation is a method of helping improve your listings in the search engines (mainly Google, Yahoo and Bing as they are the largest 3 and take up the vast majority of the market share.) By improving your search engine rankings for words people are searching for the more traffic you are likely to get, and more paying customers.

what is involved in seo?

There are two main parts to SEO and they are; onsite SEO and offsite SEO.

Onsite – this is all to do with your website and the changes you can directly make to it. The aim of this is to make your website as easy as possible for the search engines to read. If they read it correctly they will be able to list it in the search engine results correctly.

local seo company los angeles
local seo company los angeles

Onsite SEO involves looking at;

  • Keyword research
  • URLs
  • Navigation
  • Page structure
  • Keyword placement
  • Website structure
  • Site map
  • Robot.txt
  • Code validation

Offsite – this involves increasing the amount of one way links to your website. For the search engines to decide which website to put number one, two, three etc it has to a have logical structure to say which site is the most important for that search term. It does this by looking at how many different websites link to your website, so the more you have the better you rank. (This is very simplistic but gives you an idea of how it works.) Links can be built in many different ways and there are pitfall and problems to be aware of.

SEO Benefits

Search engine optimisation is designed to improve and grow your business and the most obvious benefit to local seo company los angeles is the increase of traffic from the search engine to help increase your revenue. There are other benefits to SEO though.

seo benefits include;

  • Increased traffic from search engines
  • Lasting results in the search engines
  • Increased traffic from other websites
  • Increased traffic from social media
  • Improved visibility of your brand
  • Competitor analysis
  • Online analysis to monitor progress and online activity
  • Online focus to help push your company in the correct direction

When looking into SEO it is normally fairly easy to see how/when you will receive your investment back. It is possible to see what people are searching for and the quantity of searches that take place. Because of this you can take an educated guess at how long it will be to get your investment back. This is largely due to SEO mainly being upfront work with continual results.

If SEO is done correctly the majority of the work is done over the first twelve months and then improved on after that. So the first two hits in finance are on initial onsite optimisation and then a link building project possibly lasting twelve months. After these initial costs there is only a small amount of maintenance to sustain your rankings (which can be done in-house).

Unlike pay per click advertising, banner adverts, website advertising and traditional offline marking you get lasting results from natural listings in the search engines (natural listing are the results you get in the main body of the search engines, not the sponsored links that may exist at the top, side and/or bottom of the search engines).

is seo in your marketing budget?

Traditionally it would not have even been thought about to put this in your marketing budget but in today’s market place it is common place to see it there. The reason for this is the volume of people that use the search engines to find what they need and want to spend money on. Although SEO does not always bring instant results it does bring sustainable results. This means two years down the line you are still benefiting from the internet marketing campaign (and more than likely seeing more and more benefits from it).

If your SEO campaign is maintained correctly your search engine rankings will mature over the years getting better and better. For help and information on SEO, marketing strategies for gyms and how it can help your business grow place contact our seo firm los angeles.

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