Why CrossFit is The Best Training Regime? Know The Reasons

Are you a fitness freak? Or do you want to reshape your body? If the answer is yes, then you must be aware of CrossFit. CrossFit is one of the most prominent fitness regimes. But it’s widely criticized in the bodybuilding field. In this blog you’ll know the reasons behind the great success of CrossFit. 

But first thing first, we’ll start with understanding the CrossFit regime. 

CrossFit- The New Lifestyle

CrossFit is a high-intensity workout that enhances the functionality of the body. In the year 2000, Greg Glassman created CrossFit. Either your goal is bulking, cutting, or functionality, this regime works for everyone click here

Multiple gymnasiums are for CrossFit. They offer CrossFit Courses along with a proper diet plan. There are several types of CrossFit Pittsburgh.

You can scroll down to know more about the Pros and Cons of CrossFit. 

Advantages Of CrossFit

CrossFit gyms

1. Flexibility

The workout used in this regime is flexible. Any athlete can use it. You can achieve almost any goal using it.

2. Burn The Fat Faster

CrossFit can be a boon for someone willing to lose weight. You can burn around 600 calories in 30 minutes with a high-intensity CrossFit. 

3. Diversity

It is handy in gymnastics, calisthenics, bodybuilding, strongman, and many more. The variety of this regime makes it stand out.

4. It’s Always Interesting

You might have been in a phase where the workout is no longer intriguing. You can use CrossFit to bring back the excitement. As there are numerous exercises in CrossFit, you can always switch. 

5. Do It Anywhere

It is one of the most prominent advantages. You don’t always need a gym for CrossFit. All you need is an open space. You can perform multiple workouts using bodyweight.

6. Bring Back The Energy

If you’re into weight training, your body might end up being stiff. It makes you less active. You might feel drowsy. CrossFit can bring that energy back and you can use it simultaneously with weight training. 

7. Community

CrossFit has a huge community all around the globe. They motivate and help each other to accomplish the goals. It also allows you to socialize with people of different cultures and backgrounds. 

Few Drawbacks You Should Know About

CrossFit is undoubtedly the best fitness regime. But nothing in this universe is perfect. Similarly, CrossFit also comes with few drawbacks. 

  • Quality Of Coaches: In CrossFit, the coaches are not of that calibre. Anyone can complete a course on CrossFit in few weeks. 
  • Ignores Technicality: Certain exercises are essential in a gym. They can only be performed with proper form. You need a lot of practice to be perfect in such exercises (Olympic lift). These exercises can be fatal if performed at a higher rep range. 
Final Takeaways

A workout is something you can’t learn overnight. You need to practice a lot. Only then you can pick the perfect workout regime for your body type. You should know your goal.

 Irrespective of the workout, you need to be focused and determined to get remarkable results.

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