Using Legal Translation Services in Varied Areas

The use of language, like any other domain of life, is crucial to the legal system not just for the conveyance of thought but when it comes to the law, language shapes up your identity. From the advent of human history, translation has served as an important tool in building relations and survival as a community.

One of the very important forms of translation in this respect is legal translation services. Linguistics barriers do exist, but the law is a unique language in itself, having its own legal terminology.

Important Forms of Translation

Legal documents possess specific legal terminologies. Even English phrases and forms of voice used adds to the complexity while translating. Knowledge of legal terms is an important factor that determines the quality of the translated document. For this purpose, bilingual dictionaries are available for legal matters. These are also available online for use.

Certified and Recognized Service

Make sure the company is ISO certified and recognized by the Ministry of Justice as well as other governmental organizations. This ensures you pick a qualified translator with professional experience to meet the standards of a legal translation. Freelance translators and interpreters must also be affiliated with professional bodies.

It is very important for the legal translation company to be certified by the right authorities. All sorts of scientific, literary contents and legal, technical material be certified. It is especially important to consider this when the translation is to be submitted to an organization or company that requires a certificate attesting to the accuracy and credibility of the translation. It must also be dated and signed by either the translation company or the translator.

These may include:

  • Conversational or General Translation
  • Literature or Books
  • Marketing and Sales content
  • Legal translation of contracts and certificates
  • Technical translation involving medical/financial reports
  • Financial such as banking and annual reports
  • Scientific for articles, thesis and papers
  • Judicial translation of proceedings
  • Literary translation
  • Certified translation of wills etc.

Accuracy in translating non-textual aspects

Legal translation is not just word-to-word translation. In fact, the legal translation service provider must be familiar with the tone, expression, cultural approaches, jargon used in text to translate it efficiently. A native-speaking ability helps efficient translation and interpretation. The correct interpretation of the words used is very important as different languages sometimes have various meanings or understanding of the same word or phrase.

Past experiences

Samples and Previous experiences are also provided by a good company. There is usually a separate section of references and reviews.

Available and Punctual

Companies also offer 24/7 service or have multiple translators available and can work with multiple turnarounds in a limited timeframe. A rush translation service is also available for documents that need to be translated on an urgent basis


Outsourcing to a 3rd party must be protected at all costs. The company must have proper cybersecurity tools and Translator Confidentiality Agreements.


Localization includes translating a document that was previously translated to various languages to a specific area.


Interpretation involves presentations, speeches, judicial escort, conference calls, and court hearings, question and answer sessions, etc.


Transcription of various documents as mentioned and legal certificates, cases of medical negligence, personal injury, debt collection etc. Transcription and Captioning services of all types of audio & video content is also offered by a lot of companies. This includes podcasts, videotapes, DVDs, and audio transcription as well for formats like mp3, wav, au and non-digital ones like standard tapes, VHS, microcassettes, etc.

E-translation and mobile services

Many companies now offer at-home services. These add to the comfort of the client as well.

Staying up to date with technology

Legal translators must be up to date with the latest technology or software used for integration of automation and linguistics for using appropriate technology solutions can lower the turnaround times and cost-effectively. It also ensures consistency for large documents and makes the process smoother with fewer chances of error. Using good quality bilingual dictionaries for reference for legal matters is very helpful.

Knowledge of the legal terms is a prerequisite for a skilled legal translator. Being well acquainted with the laws of different cultures and the legal implications of text being translated helps avoid any mishaps in communication. Try to choose a company that provides legal translation services only rather than other translation services too.

Legal translators are usually equipped with legal dictionaries and have contacts with lawyers, which improves the standard of service offered. This keeps them informed about the most recent legal requirements and works accordingly. In addition, the legal translator must be aware of what parts of the document require translation; some pages like address information or signature pages may/may not require translation.

Translation as a core service

Often a company provides more than just one type of service. Although this is good for working long-term with a company, it is important to make sure they have translation as a core service. Otherwise, they may outsource the project to a third party that will result in an overall decreased efficiency and quality of work.

Translation services help cross language barriers and save time meanwhile providing access to all. They help you communicate with a global audience and make sure your content reaches the maximum audience. Mistranslated content has landed people in prisons, so choosing the right type of service according to your content is very important.

Offering whatever content, whether it is a piece of writing or product information in multiple languages, will attract more audiences. This helps sell your product, build better relations and reach a common understanding.

Always remember to compare and contrast various companies for price and value. Bear these points in mind before selecting a company for your legal translation services. A skilled translator may be costly but extremely important when it comes to something as challenging as legal translation and helps you avoid lawsuits and other serious consequences.

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