Working Knowledge of the Legal System and Years of Legal Experience

As an ideal location for families, Town Square Dubai has already started to become a nucleus for multi-cultural living, recreation and networking. Even with ongoing construction work, professionals from all sectors are choosing the community for its affordability and perks. This neighborhood is increasingly becoming multilingual and multi-ethnic, with plenty of business opportunities as well.

In such an environment, people from all walks of life and backgrounds have to interact, socialize and build networks. And for all these to happen, language plays a central role. Developed as a system of vocal and written symbols, each part of the world has its own specific language. And in the multi-cultural environment of Dubai, Arabic dominates other languages.

Seen as a suburb on its own, Town Square is within 30 minutes’ drive time from all major attractions of Dubai. With hundreds of square kilometers of green spaces, it consists of the most number of facilities for children within a residential community.

In the multi-cultural environment of Town Square, one is not only required to communicate but also be able to get translations of legal and other important documentation to use for living and business. And within translations, why legal translations matter so much over other types of translations?

With Swift development of the area and a blend of languages among occupants, the availability of translation services became inevitable. But how can one differentiate one service from another and get the best services offered in the area? Well, there are some qualities on which legal translators can be distinguished; below are some of these key traits:

  • Certification – Most Government offices in Dubai would ask for certification of translation from someone. Unlike many European countries, anyone cannot certify a translation; rather Ministry of Education has a process in place to allow a person or a company to certify translations.
  • Experience – It goes without saying that experience is a teacher of all things in life to us and every experience is a success. Higher the experience of a translator – the better it is.
  • Responsive – It is quite often the case that a customer requires additional support, explanations, or clarity on the translated documentation. If the translator is already overwhelmed with work, the response time will increase and valuable time will be wasted.
  • Reliable – Relying on someone for legal translation means one is putting a lot of trust in the translator. It is not only the skills that are at play but also privacy, accuracy and timely delivery is required from the translation services.
  • Resourceful – Legal translators have to be highly skilled at interpretation. Since legal matters are being converted from one language to another, it necessitates accuracy and that the delivery of declarations in legal documents remains the same.
  • Ethical – Data protection and confidentiality have to be a must in any service before it can be chosen by others. Similarly, along with command of laws, rules and regulations, a clear understanding of the local context of Dubai and background should be available.

Contrary to ordinary natural language, a specific and rich vocabulary is used in legal language, which is seldom used outside courtrooms and legal papers.  In translations, it is necessary that words and phrases are translated in the same manner as they are originally used; the same is the case with legal translations. Therefore, the majority of the times, translated legal documents are only accepted once they are certified by a professional translator.

It is commonly understood that a language appearing plain to one set of readers might not appear plain or easy to others. For nationals of other countries, a challenge remains when it comes to legal language and its translation. Legal language is a complex subject on its own and uses prepositional phrases, various negations, passive voice and technical words.

Professionalism and Personalized Services

On occasions, same-day services might be required and there may be times when engagements may have to be made as a repeat customer. It benefits if one keeps working with a reputable translation service name, which is sensitive to the time and budget needs of the client. 

And in times like these of COVID-19, a service which deals better service from a distance, home pick-up and delivery services would be ideal. A customer support system is vital for companies offering its services to the public, no delays in communication, quick responses on emails and someone to speak to; all these set legal translation services in Town Square apart from each other.

Now-a-days, other factors should be considered along with accurate and well-written legal translations Abu Dhabi near me. A service trusted by clients and going the extra mile in customer services should certainly be prioritized over others. Timely delivery and managing expectations of the client is not offered by all legal translators. 

Comparison of online and offline translation methods

Many of us might have heard about Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools or almost everyone has used the online open-source alternatives to these like Google. However, these tools will not be able to appreciate and respect the culture of Dubai, as culture and language are at a constant interplay. 

In today’s world, the lure of getting everything done through apps and online tools is more than ever before. We need to see if it is wise to try getting legal translations done ourselves using countless online sources and offers? The simple answer to this is no. 

Moreover, when a person is translating legal documents, it would be accurately converted with its style intact, maintaining its purpose and social settings of the area. Furthermore, for questions, propositions and statements to appear accurately in completely in the translated language, fluency of a native or near-native person is required, which isn’t the case for software, computer programs or online tools.

Accuracy and nuance in legal translation are much better if a translator is a native speaker or has the cultural competence. Online tools and sources will not have the cultural sensitivity but rather run on algorithms and a set of rules inbuilt within these.


Getting translations done from anybody who is somebody is not a good approach, especially when it comes to legal documentation. Reputation, time and money are all wasted if the right translation services are not chosen. In legal translations, finding and established and the reliable name is much more important than exploring options or trying newer entrants.

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