Getting The Best Out of Legal Translation Dubai

The provision of spoken or signed language communication by a certified translator in order to transmit a message from the original speaker’s or writer’s language into the language of the listener is best performed by someone who knows legal translation Dubai. Furthermore, this position demands the ability to communicate in an interpreter’s language, which preserves both the message’s register (tone) and its meaning.

Interpreting is a type of audible communication in which at least one of the messages is spoken. So, consider the following scenario:

  • Translation services of a conference that translates the message of a speaker into sign language at the same time.
  • A service regarding medical interpretation for a patient who does not speak English in an American hospital. As a result, the doctor is informed about the needs of the patient, and the patient is informed about the doctor’s analysis.
  • When an English woman comes upon a family letter issued in the Italian language and is unsure what it means, she hires a document sight translation service to find out. In addition, the interpreter reads the letter aloud in English.  

While providing legal translation services, the translator can deliver the message in person, over the phone, or via video chat. Similarly, a clear and correct translation will be achieved if the person can hear the message well, understands the subject matter effectively, and is fluent in both the original and chosen languages.

Services of in-person Translation

Within less than 24 hours of submitting your request, you can have an in-person legal translation at any location on the planet. Meanwhile, with our in-person translation services, we’ll match you with a translator who is familiar with your field and proficient in both languages you require.

We can provide you with legal translation for every occasion and in any location. Whether you require conference interpreting for a global conference, liaison interpreting for a work meeting, or legal translation Dubai for a specific language, we can assist you.

Phone Translation Services

Phone Translation Services | ASLT

Phone translation services, which are better handled with progressive interpreting, facilitate interaction between people who are unable to interact or understand one other.

For two or more people in the same room or in separate regions of the world, legal translation services on the phone can be provided. It only requires one person to offer a professional translation, and then other parties can be added to the call or the phone can be set on speaker mode, allowing everyone in the room to join in that conversation.

You rarely know who or when someone will be walking through your doors. In all languages, we provide excellent over-the-phone translation services, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Our proposition for the value services

  • We are available to our clients at all times.
  • We provide legal translation services in almost 100 languages. 
  • We provide some of the most competitive rates in the market. We are also widely accessible. That, however, is not the most interesting feature because our ability to adapt sets us apart from the competition.
  • On a number of platforms and on a variety of communication devices, we have delivered services over the phone. 
  • We have used relay interpreting services to provide translation between the world’s unique languages.

We can accommodate every consumer or need. Moreover, we stand by you right now, ready to satisfy all needs of your legal translation since we are always available with health tools.

Our project managers constantly give things a personal touch, assisting you in determining the specific type of legal translation Dubai that you require.

Simultaneous Translation

Simultaneous legal translation is a technique for translating two or more languages at the same time. So, when two or more languages are spoken, this style of translation is commonly (but not exclusively) utilized in large-scale conferences and international gatherings.

With no pauses, the translator transforms a message into the chosen language as the speaker provides it.

Consecutive Translation

Consecutive translation is the most common type of translation job. However, when the speaker has delivered one or two phrases in successive translations, the person translates the words into the target language.

According to the definition of consecutive translation, the speaker says one or two sentences, then pauses while the translator repeats them in another language. So, it can happen in person, over the phone, or through video conferencing. 

Translation of sight

Written communication is transformed into a spoken word using sight translation. Therefore, it entails silently reading a text in the source language before pronouncing it in the target language. Further, when a document is written in English, it is normally a court document that must be read to the defendant.

Elements of Sight Translation

Comprehension of Reading:

It is an important aspect of sight translation. Moreover, the translator should read as much as possible and from a variety of sources. 


The translator must promptly translate the document without leaving anything out.

Whispered Interpretation

The legal translator sits near the listener and does simultaneous translation in a very low voice to prevent distracting or to interrupt the speaker.

The technique of whispered interpreting is also known as chuchotage which is also known to be as whispered interpreting. So, the interpreter speaks in hushed whispers into the delegate’s ear. Further, let me give you an example:

Simultaneous interpreting is reserved for conferences in Slovakia where the participants speak English. Similarly, two expert interpreters are employed, as well as the appropriate technical equipment.

Relay Interpretation

One interpreter, out of a group of several, converts the original message into a language that everyone understands. As a result, another translator converts the conversation from the common language to the chosen language.

Indirect interpreting is another name for relay interpreting. So, the first interpreter listens to the message in its native language and translates it into a pivot language, which is a goal language shared by all interpreters.

Liaison interpretation

Liaison interpretation | ASLT

Liaison interpreting is the most informal type of interpreting, and it is most commonly utilized during delegation trips or short translation business meetings. However, the interpreter travels with the group or delegation and provides interpretation as needed. So, the translator sits at the table with the negotiating parties during commercial negotiations, and different approaches are used based on the situation. 

During the mediation, the legal translation Dubai service serves as a link between the two sides, translating each of their sentences.

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